Monday, November 19, 2007

What Does Cruella have to Hide?

Read the 2009 Update on The Whitmore Academy.

Cruella Strikes again … this time she posed as “Judy Browne” – with an “e”.

It is believed this is the same person who posed as “Patti Atwoods”, scamming a Child Advocate. Further it is also believed she was a "Donna Ware" back in early September to another program! Doesn't she know enough to get a different cell number?

She wasted weeks of innocent peoples’ time. She lied about the purpose of her calls.

This time she’s gone too far, in my opinion. Scamming a Child Advocate was bad enough …

Now, she not only scammed a program director but she involved innocent families. She lied to them and under false pretence gathered very private information about them and their children.

While it was believed she had crossed over the line before, this time she may have REALLY crossed over the line. What is her purpose? What is she so afraid of that she has to hide behind fake names, come up with complete fabrications and lies, and continue to hurt innocent families?

What she may not have realized is that she messed up – again. She thinks she’s very clever but what she might not have realized is she accidentally called from her own personal home number. And that was very easy to trace. You can type her phone number on Google and voila, there she is. Amazing!

Everything is leading me to believe this is “Honker Girl” – the same Honker Girl that was investigated by the FBI when she bribed some boys into running away from the Whitmore. One of those boys came up missing for a month. The FBI was involved and the parents were horrified that their teenager was missing clear across the country. What is this woman thinking?

Well, Cruella may be facing her darkest fear – finally being deposed! She managed to get out of it once when the Whitmore closed but I think she was just lucky that time. Luck runs out when people continue breaking the law and hurting innocent people.

Why does she do these things? Who knows why these types of people do anything. It seems she is working with the guy who claims he’s going to “f-up programs”.

And while she continues to try to destroy innocent people, I am still receiving calls from people saying they had positive experiences at the Whitmore – a program that has helped hundreds of families for over 20+ years. Just today, in fact, a gentleman called me thanking me for speaking out about the positive the Whitmore Academy has done families.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks to Lon Woodbury at Struggling Teens for Sharing All Sides of the Story

Read the 2009 Update on The Whitmore Academy.

We thank Struggling Teens Website for giving us the opportunity to share the truths about The Whitmore Academy. After numerous interviews with former students, parents, authorities, lawyers and the owners, it is apparent to us that this is nothing short of a vendetta against the Sudweeks.

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