Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Whitmore Academy - The SECRET! Shhh....

Read the 2009 Update on The Whitmore Academy.

This Blog will outline how one mother who desperately tried to keep her SECRET of her XXX activities quiet - set out to destroy a program that for over 30 years helped hundreds of youths and their families.

Information will be taken from testimony and evidence compiled in the lawsuit.

It is an example of how money can create evilness - and the evilness can ruin lives and families.

The ironic twist to the story is the mother that so desperately wanted the school closed, withdrew from the lawsuit when she was told she would have to be deposed. We all still wonder "What does she have to hide?" Maybe her daughter was telling the truth about her? Stay tuned!

Sneak Peak of what this San Antonio mother has to hide: If you click to hear the voice - you need to activate it - you will soon realize this San Antonio Swinger (multiple sex partners) aka - HonkerGirl60 -didn't want her daughter telling what goes on behind closed doors of their Texas home.

It is obvious why this mother has a grudge against me - claiming I told her to go to Whitmore - when in reality as outlined in emails and a letter from my attorney - I gave her choices! She, as a parent, chose Whitmore Academy - and since Whitmore did their job so well - her daughter felt safe in disclosing her family secrets! That was the beginning of the demise of the Whitmore in my opinion. All to keep this secret - Cruella De Vil (aka San Antonio parent) destroyed many lives.

The names and locations will be changed to protect minors and privacy issues, but we believe that it will give you a birds-eye of view of how dangerous the Internet is when people use their computer to spread HATE.

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